Now Funding: Cellulose

Now Funding: Cellulose

With board games, there are many popular types of game mechanics. One of the most popular – at least when combined – is resource management and worker placement. You’ve got to make choices of where to deploy your workers to get the stuff you need to build better and better things. Want to do that in a literal biological scenario? Then check out Cellulose.

Perhaps their video will do a better job of explaining it than my own words would:

Frankly, if you go through the rest of the Genius Games collection, you can see that they’re really committed to embracing science with their games. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Cellulose is a full on “learning game” but it seems to be setup correctly within the theme, and it could certainly reinforce basic understanding of what’s going on in a cell.

With the dedication to the theme, and the overall mechanics, it’s no surprise that Cellulose has smashed through it’s funding goals, with the campaign still going until May 6th. You can get in at $39 for the game, or upgrade to the collectors edition for $55. campaign page

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