Now Funding: Cap-Extractor

Now Funding: Cap-Extractor

I know – we’ve been on a bit of a tear this week with covering interesting crowd-funding campaigns. While the ones earlier in the week are ones I’d certainly support, today’s is one that’s, well, a bit of a head-scratcher. Meet Cap-Extractor.

At it’s surface, the Cap-Extractor is a bottle opener. A very fancy one, to be sure, but it’s a bottle opener. And, actually, if you go past the surface, it’s still a bottle opener. The trick up its sleeve is that it will remove the cap in such a way that it’s not deformed – so you could put it back on the bottle to cap it again.

I will be the first to admit, craft beer can be an expensive hobby. But is it $108 (in aluminum) or $121 (in steel) levels of expensive? That, I’m less convinced of. Most bottles I run across are twist offs, and for the nicer stuff, most of that comes in cans, as those protect the beer much better than a bottle will.

I feel bad to harsh on the buzz of a creator-driven product, but I just don’t know that the Cap-Extractor is worth your time. Sure, if you’ve got the cash laying around for it, go for it. And I’ll be more than happy to try it out. For me, though, I’ll stick with the openers (for when I need one) already in the drawer. campaign page

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