The Boxing Buddy is a training companion that will transform your heavy punching bag into a sparring partner that strikes back, making your workouts more challenging and complete. Boxing Buddy is a portable add-on that can be attached to any boxing bag or other round objects like trees, making it the perfect companion for your boxing training.

The tool is basically a set of rotating soft padded arms that simulate opponent strikes at various speeds, paces, and intensities, providing a realistic and challenging training experience. This adds a whole new dimension to your training, allowing you to work on your offense, defense, and footwork in a dynamic and interactive way.

Boxing Buddy also comes with a Bluetooth-connected smart app that offers multiple personalized programs and progress tracking. This app allows you to easily track your progress and reach your goals, making your training more organized and effective. You can change the speed, pace, and intensity of the strikes through the app, customizing your training to suit your level and preferences.

Boxing Buddy offers three different modes, each with four difficulty levels, to cater to different training needs. The Random Spar Mode is designed to simulate a real fight experience by delivering hits in a random phase, making it the most realistic mode. The Custom Mode allows you to customize your own combination of punches and set the direction and duration between each blow, perfect for practicing repeated combinations. The Coach Mode is ideal for trainers or co-trainers who can direct the Boxing Buddy’s arm in the specified direction using buttons, making it a valuable tool for observation and instruction during training sessions.

The app also includes a “School” feature, which offers a series of videos demonstrating how to use the Boxing Buddy correctly and teaches the basics of martial arts, including standing, punching, and defense techniques. This makes Boxing Buddy not only a training tool but also a valuable educational resource for improving your skills and technique.

Currently, Boxing Buddy crowdfunding now on Indiegogo for $249, heavy bag not included.

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