If you want them, you can have cameras all over your house – inside and outside. Stand-alone cameras, cameras embedded in doorbells, floodlights with cameras built in. In other words, all sorts of options for home security. What if, instead, you wanted to keep an eye on your feather friends? That’s what the crew behind Bird Buddy thought they’d create.

At a basic design level, the Bird Buddy is a nice-looking bird feeder. It’s not that terribly different (in terms of looks) than the smaller bird feeders that you can mount on your window (no option for that here, it seems) with a small stick camera set into the middle of it.

Now, if it were just those two things together, you might wonder how in the world the $170 earlybird pricetag would be justified. Well, I think the hardware is part of it, but it’s also the smarts built into the system (between the hardware and the app) that helps to identify the birds coming in – by both sight, as well as from the birdsong.

I’m not anywhere near being a birder, but this is the sort of tech that seems rather cool. And the Bird Buddy camera system is removable (so you can charge it), which means down the road it could be updated if they develop a new camera module. It’s a clever way to keep things flexible, all the while watching your backyard. If you want more details, or reserve your own, head on over to the campaign before it closes out on January 14, 2021; delivery is anticipated for September. campaign page

By Patrick Kansa

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