Over the past few months, I’ve really gotten to liking the gear that Jack Wolfskin produces. I’ve used their Tech T as a workout shirt, and the Go Hike softshell jacket has become a key layer in my going out running in the freezing temps. Of course, their catalog doesn’t stop at just the shirts and jackets that we’ve covered before. Today, we’ll take a quick look at a few different items that would be great for layering up.

First up, we’ve got the Jack Wolfskin Infinite long-sleeved shirt, available in both men’s and women’s cuts, both for $49.95. This offers a thermal layer, but it’s not like the thermals (aka long underwear) you may remember from long ago. These have a soft fleece lining on the inside, making it soft (and warm) against your skin, while the outer smooth, easily letting you slip into a jacket without snags. The fabric looks to be quite stretchy as well, which with allow you to move freely – or just feel comfortable while you’re on the couch.

On the other hand, if you want something that offers maybe a little less warmth, but does a better job of wicking moisture (you know, when you go out for that long hike on a cold, but sunny) day, then there’s the Jack Wolfskin Sky Thermal Long Sleeve T. This one is just for the ladies (sorry, dudes) and comes in at a reasonable $29.95. Along with the wicking, it’s also quick drying, so you shouldn’t get too unreasonably cold once activities are done (as always, sensible layers are key).

For trapping heat, our heads are the place where we really need to focus – particularly those of us who have less hair on top than they used to. For that, there’s the Jack Wolfskin Stormlock Rip Knit cap ($29.95). At first, this looks like any other rib knit cap. Those are great, but if it’s windy, they can tend to let the cold air through the knit. This cap aims to solve that. While you’ve got the classic exterior, they’ve put a fleece layer inside it to help block the wind (and give you an extra bit of comfort). You’ve got it classic (and timeless) black or grey, as well as a burnt orange that may keep you a bit more visible when you’re out and about.

Finally, you may want something to keep the cold air from hitting your throat (and all the unpleasantness that that can bring). For that, there’s the Jack Wolfskin Stuff Loop ($19.95). I’ve got a couple of different neck warmers here, and they work great. Those tend to be a bit more snug-fitting, and that’s not for everyone (either for comfort or fashion reasons). The Stuff Loop solves that by giving you that looser infinity scarf look, just made out of Polartec fleece to bring that warmth.

Of course, that’s not all Jack Wolfskin has, they are just a few highlights from their catalog that will help keep you warm, while also doing their level best to be more eco-friendly. Didn’t see anything that works for you? You can check out the full range over at Amazon or Jack Wolfskin.

By Patrick Kansa

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