You know, over my time reviewing a number of different Biolite products (camp stove, fire pit, head lamp, and battery pack), I’ve come to appreciate the approach that the brand has to being in the outdoors, whether in your backyard or out in a campground. Just in time to stock up for your summertime camping, they’ve got a sale running on some of their items.

From now until May 31st, they’re basically marking everything on their site 25% off. Some of the items you might consider?

How about the BioLite FirePit +, a newer version of the one that we reviewed? It’s still got the same basic idea and footprint. However, they’ve iterated things by putting a bigger onboard battery pack on (keep those flames fanned for longer), some wider mesh holes to let the heat out more, and a tougher coating on the metal (enamel, in this case). If you pick one up, they’ve also got some FirePit-specific cooking accessories (which we talked about here) that can really extend it’s utility. The BioLite FirePit + by itself is $178 (on sale), and the bundle with the cooking accessories takes it up to $299 (again, after the discount).

Want something a bit more compact to cook over, and perhaps top off your phone while you’re in the woods? That’s the BioLite CampStove 2+ (again, a newer version of what we reviewed). It’s still just as portable and will burn up just about anything, but they did give it a larger battery as well, so again, that will help keep the flames going. And, provided it’s hot enough, generate enough electricity to charge the battery to top off your phone, and power the included USB light. With the sale, the price comes down to $112.46.

Last, but not least, if you are doing any sort of wandering around in the dark, a good headlamp is something that you really can’t understimate. I’ve been pleased with the performance of the 330 version, and that means the BioLite HeadLamp 750  should be more of the same. Except able to go to 750-lumen output, and a pass-through charging method that will allow you to, more or less, run the light infinitely. All in all, 150 hours of battery life and 8 lighting modes means your camping needs are covered. With the sale, you’re picking this up for just a hair under $75.

Those are just a few of the choices, of course. You’ve got other accessories, battery packs, and all manner of stuff. And, as I mentioned, it’s all 25% off. Head on over to and get your order in before the sale closes out on the 31st.

By Patrick Kansa

A big data developer and leader with a penchant for gadgets, books, watches and beverages. You can find my work on WristWatchReview, Knapsack.News, and Slushpile. If you're on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll find me there as @PatrickWatches.

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