Coming from a brand called JavaSok, you’d think they’d be all set and ready to protect your pumpkin spice latte (full disclaimer: I’m a fool for all things pumpkin spice). However, it’s not just your coffee (iced or otherwise) that they want to wrap up. We saw that with the various cozies we reviewed a bit ago, and now they also want to protect your frosty pint with some new patterns on their PintSok.

Just as with their prior JavaSok (and the CanSok), these new PintSok are a cozie intended for your 16oz glass (or plastic tumbler from the coffee shop). This way, you can keep your drink cold (iced coffee or beer) or hot (say, some spiced cider?), and not worry about getting any condensation rings on your furniture. And hey, have a couple of these in different patterns, you can keep your drink separated from everyone else’s. We’ve got two of the patterns shown here, but there are a total of seven, all of which go for $14.95. Check out the full collection over at

By Patrick Kansa

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