And so it goes – a new phone is released, and the brands come out with new accessories for it. In my book, the first thing to get is a glass screen protector (cheaper replacing that then a touch display), and following closely after that is a case. Since the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was just released, that means some new stuff was released from the Zagg group.

When it comes to screen protectors, an actual piece of glass is the way to go. I’ve tried out a few different kinds, and I feel that the stuff from InvisibleShield is among the simplest to install, and has offered some great protection for the screen underneath it. For the S21, there are two versions available:

  • InvisibleShield Glass Elite ($39.99):Glass Elite is the next step in the evolution of unbeatable glass screen protection. Ion exchange technology increases strength and durability, while ClearPrint™ makes fingerprints disappear from your screen, and an anti-microbial treatment protects the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 
  • InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard ($49.99): Glass Elite VisionGuard provides unbeatable scratch & shatter protection with an Eyesafe® blue light filter and an anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

For cases, that’s another part of the Zagg family coming in, Gear4. We’ve reviewed some of their cases before, and they seem to do a decent job of providing a thin case that still offers good protection. For all of their cases, the D30 material is what provides drop protection, and they’ve been using it for quite awhile. For the S21, you’ve got two case options – business-ready black, or completely clear to show off the phone beneath:

  • Gear4 Havana ($29.99): A lightweight case with D3O®-protection, Havana is more than just a pretty case. The top, bottom, and corners are reinforced with D3O® to give 10 feet (3m) of drop protection, and it comes with an antimicrobial treatment. 
  • Gear4 Crystal Palace ($39.99): This crystal-clear case provides ultimate impact protection. Crystal Palace is drop resistant up to 13ft/4m thanks to the D3O® approved material. The backplate is made of polycarbonate (PC), the same material that’s used in bulletproof glass, so it will keep your device safe and sound. 

Now, we’ve not tried out these cases, but that’s because we don’t have an S21 kicking around. We have tried out other Gear4 cases, and they certainly got the job done they were designed for. Like us and don’t have an S21, but still need a case or screen protector? Just head on over to Zagg, select your device, and see what they’ve got on tap for it.

By Patrick Kansa

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