Seems to be a bit of a hot time for folks looking for light and inexpensive sunglasses that won’t slip down their face when you start getting a bit active. We checked out an option from Nathan Sports not that long ago, and now we’ve got Tifosi hitting one of their existing models with the embiggening ray, resulting in the Tifosi Swank XL sunglasses.

The Tifosi Swank XL sunglasses give us a profile that is instantly recognizable, looking like a slightly modified version of the ever-popular Wayfarer. Given that you can find many brands producing frames that look like that, why would I care about these new ones from Tifosi?

It’s because of the simple fact that the Tifosi Swank XL sunglasses are super-sized. Sure, some folks just like oversized sunglasses for the look. For me, I’ve got a noggin that is easily on the large size of the spectrum. With that, not only can small frames just look weird, they can be wildly uncomfortable to wear. That very much should not be the case here.

Aside from the size, the Tifosi Swank XL sunglasses only come in a 26g, which should feel positively light on the ears and nose. Given their light weight, you might be thinking that these would be perfect for a jog on the trail or some such sweat-inducing activity. The problem that some frames can have is that, once you start to sweat, the synthetic nose pads just slide on down your face. These glasses address that with hydrophilic rubber in the nose piece, meaning that as you sweat, they actually stick more in place. No more bouncing sunglasses as you jog!

While the Tifosi Swank XL sunglasses are larger than the non-XL version that preceded them, pricing hasn’t not done anything too crazy. For the non-polarized lenses, prices went up just five bucks to $29.95, while the one model with polarized lens has the same minimal price increase, running $54.95. All in all, I’m cautiously optimistic about these new shades, both in terms of sizing and comfort. Add in the reasonable price, and it should be a winner. We’ve got a pair coming in for a hands-on review, and we’ll give those impressions soon.

Tech Specs from Tifosi

  • GRILAMID TR-90 FRAME is lightweight and durable for all day comfort.
  • HYDROPHILIC RUBBER nose pieces provide a no-slip grip, the more you perspire, the more they grip.
  • POLYCARBONATE LENSES are shatterproof, scratch-resistant and optically decentered for optimal clarity.
  • 100% UVA / UVB PROTECTION protection from harmful ultra-violet rays.
  • TIFOSI GLIDE allows the frame to slide on comfortably and provides an anti-bounce fit for all activity.
  • Versions (all $29.95 except for polarized, which is $54.95)
    • BLACKOUT 1720410570 SMOKE
    • SATIN VAPOR 1720402878 SMOKE RED
    • BLUE TORTOISE 1720405471 BROWN
  • Lens height: 43.45mm
  • Arm length: 136.74mm
  • Bridge width: 16.5mm
  • Lens width: 55mm
  • FIT: M-XL
  • WEIGHT: 26g

By Patrick Kansa

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