If I’ve learned one thing during this work-from-home phase of the pandemic, it’s that good headphones – particularly those with Active Noise Cancellation (aka ANC) – can really make a significant difference. To that end, I’ve been going through the Soundcore lineup, reviewing the Q20, the Q30 (and an update after a firmware release), and even had a go at their ANC earbuds, the Liberty Air 2 Pro. They’ve just released a new addition to their Life Q series – the Soundcore Life Q35.

Now, to look at them, the Soundcore Life Q35 look very much like the Q30, albeit in a rather lovely matte blue color. In fact, if you look a the comparison chart below, you’ll see that they’re largely the same – 40mm drivers, 60 hour max battery life, ability to connect via Bluetooth 5 or aux cable, and the like. There are some interesting changes, though. For one, that aux cable now comes with a built-in mic, so you can still make calls when you’re wired in.

Another change is actually hidden in the specs, in that they’re now adding support for the LDAC codec, a newer lossless codec that Sony developed. In other words, even on bluetooth, it can pack in more data, allowing you to hear more of the music. It’s worth noting that that is something supported only by Android phones right now; you can check if your device supports LDAC on this website.

They’ve also brought a feature to the Soundcore Life Q35 that I rather liked on the Liberty Air 2 Pro – on-ear auto detection. What this means, in practical terms, is that when you take the headphones off of your ears (say, to talk to someone) the headphones will automatically pause whatever you’re listening to. This sounds like a minor thing, but it’s actually quite handy in practice.

Last, but not least, I’m curious how the noise-cancelling mics are on the Soundcore Life Q35. Those who read our Q30 review (and the subsequent update) know that there were some early issues with the clarity of the mic that required a firmware update to correct. The Q35 look to have some additional updates to provide clarity on calls, so I’m interested to test that out in practice.

And yes, that’s right – we’re working to get in a review unit of the Soundcore Life Q35 headphones, so we’ll give you that review, as well as compare them to the Q20 and Q30. In the meantime, you’ll be able to get your own for $129.99 either on Amazon, or directly from Soundcore.

Details from Soundcore

  • Gold Standard of Sound: Custom silk-diaphragm drivers accurately reproduce music across a wider frequency range and cut out distortion to deliver sound that’s both Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified.
  • LDAC Technology: 3 times more data is transmitted to Life Q35 active noise cancelling headphones than via standard Bluetooth codecs. This lossless transfer ensures you hear every tiny detail in the music.
  • Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling: 2 microphones on each earcup detect and filter out distracting noises in your vicinity. Switch between Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor modes for a tailored noise cancelling experience.
  • Comfortable and Convenient: Life Q35 active noise cancelling headphones can be worn all day thanks to their lightweight build and memory foam padded earcups and headband. A built-in sensor detects when they’re removed from your ears and instantly pauses the audio.
  • AI-Enhanced Calls: The beamforming microphones on Life Q35 active noise cancelling headphones pick up your voice with incredible accuracy by using an AI algorithm that’s been tested thousands of times. Calls sound crisp, clear, and free of unwanted noise.


By Patrick Kansa

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