Do not worry – that title is not a typo. Brands like to play around with spelling and capitalization, and for this, well, they’ve gone with all lower caps. Any which way, we’ve got a new charging solution available in the form of the mophie wireless charging stand+.

You may be wondering – how does this differ from the prior charging mat they released (and we wrote about here)? Well, that prior iteration takes up a bigger slice of real estate, and can charge four things at once. This one can handle charging three things (two wirelessly, and then one via the USB-A port built in). The mophie wireless charging stand+ also has a fabric finish to it, giving things a softer touch.

One other thing worth noting on the mophie wireless charging stand+ that the prior version didn’t have – you’ll notice that the main phone-charging section (on the right) has a stand, propping your phone up. So, that allows you to easily see (and potentially interact) with the screen while it’s on the charger, rather than having it lay flat (which you could still do on the left-hand side of mat).

The mophie wireless charging stand+ is available now, direct from zagg, for $79.95. Also worth noting – if this new release isn’t your cup of tea, they do have a wider variety, both in terms of finishes, capacity, and pricing. So, you know, something for everyone.

Details from Zagg

  • The wireless charging stand+ is compatible with Qi-enabled phones
  • Engineered to safely deliver up to 15W of power to the stand
  • Can charge your phone in portrait or landscape mode
  • Charges through lightweight cases up to 3mm thick
  • Includes an Apple Watch adapter; all you need to charge your Apple Watch is the magnetic charger
  • The dark fabric finish easily fits with any décor
  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.95 x 3.78 in (200 x 126 x 96 mm)
  • Finish: Fabric / soft-touch plastic base
  • Input / Output Power:
    • Barrel input: 19V at up to 2.37A
    • Wireless charging stand location: 15W
    • Wireless charging pad location: 10W
    • USB-A port: 5V at up to 1.5A / 5W

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