What’s this, more WWR content bleeding over here to KN? Well, sure, in a sense it is, but this is no ordinary clock, friends – this one has WiFi built into it. Why would you want that? Well, so the clock can set itself and keep accurate time, of course. Meet the Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock.

While Mondaine has been creating their iconic railway clocks for quite some time, and building watches and home clocks that look like those in the train stations, it’s not been until recently that they’ve build some extra tech into the clocks. Before this release, there was a bluetooth model (so you could use your phone to set things up), but now we’ve got WiFi. You still use your phone to get it connected, but after that, it’s on the network.

Presumably, this means the Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock is talking to a time service somewhere and ensuring that it’s showing the right time for your chosen time zone (and really, quartz movements are going to be pretty accurate). Driven as it is by two AA batteries, our presumption is that network sync only happens once a day to keep battery life at a reasonable level.

In other words, once you’ve got the Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock, it should be as set-it-and-forget-it as can be. It’ll be there on the wall, telling you the time. You’ll want to watch it as well, because the seconds hand will stop at the 12 o’clock mark, allowing the minute hand a crisp move over to the next minute. No worries about what the actual time is here, nossir.

The Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock is a 25cm clock, so it’s just under 10″ in diameter. It’s got a clean and modern look that should fit quite nicely in a home office, or even pull duty in your kitchen, should have gone the stainless steel appliance route. If you want to get one, they’re $365 (and there are other models without WiFi in a variety of sizes and prices). We’ve got one on the way to give you a full review, so be on the lookout for that. mondaine.com

By Patrick Kansa

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