Now, you might be wondering what it is I’m talking about, given that header image up there. Yes, the Glorious GMMK Pro is indeed a new keyboard hitting the scene. But unlike other keyboards we’ve covered, this one is not ready-to-type right out of the box – you’ve got some work to do with this.

Now, in the truest sense, the Glorious GMMK Pro is not a kit. In that, you’re not assembling all of the pieces of the keyboard base. You will, however, need to put in the switches of your choice, and bring along keycaps to cover those switches, all for a 75% layout (nice and compact!). For the more casual mechanical keyboard fans among us (that would be me), this could seem a bit daunting, as you’re making more choices as to how to put things together. That said, you should end up with a better understanding of how your keyboard goes together, as well as the custom look and action you want.

So, what are you getting with the $169.99 Glorious GMMK Pro, then? For starters, you’ve got a CNC-machined aluminum case, and a clickable knob up in the right (which I really dig). Also, along with the RGB backlighting, they’ve also got lighting on the sides of the case, which I like for the sort of ambient backlight it can spill onto the desk. Along with all that, this is what Glorious has to say:

This board is packed with every feature you could dream of. Our patented fully modular design enables you to easily hot swap any switch in your arsenal. The gasket mounted PCB with 5-pin south-facing sockets provides near perfect sound isolation. A programmable rotary encoder knob, 16.8 Million per-key RGB, and our premium screw-in GOAT stabilizers elevate to the next level ? all powered by a powerful 32-Bit ARM processor. This board works out of the box with our easy-to-use ?Glorious Core? software, and is compatible with QMK / VIA open source firmware.

So, all in all, while it may be a bit daunting for us newbs, the Glorious GMMK Pro seems to have a whole lot of things going for it, in it’s favor. Pre-orders just opened up this week (you’ll put $70 down), with delivery of the first batch expected sometime in the first quarter of 2021. To read up on the keyboard, and pre-order, head on over to

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