The other day, we told you about some Casio Edifice watches that looked very ready for the office, while packing in some non-obvious smartwatch connectivity. If you prefer your smartwatches more outdoor-oriented, then the Casio Pro Trek Angler lineup is what you may be looking for.

As with other watches in the connected Pro Trek line that we’ve look at (such as this one), you’ve got the “basic” quad sensor technology built in, as well as a bluetooth radio. So, what does all of that get you? Here’s what they’ve got to say:

The new?PRTB70-1,?PRTB70-2?and?PRTB70-5?are equipped with quad sensor technology that can detect compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude, temperature, and steps, all necessary for outdoor exploration.?Using Bluetooth??and Casio?s Smartphone Link functionality, the timepieces can connect to the?PRO TREK?Connected app providing additional useful information for outdoors, such as route log, calories burned, location indicator and more!

That’s all fine and dandy, but you’re probably wondering – why are these called the Angler collection? Seems to allude to fishing, right? And sure, any good waterproof and rugged watch is something you’d want while you’re sitting on the dock or casting flies in the river. Well, this watch wants to help you remember to get out on the water in time:

The new PRTB70 also offers special functionality geared toward fisherman including the Fish In Time feature and a Fishing Timer. Fish In Time uses fish icons to indicate catch probability throughout the day which the Fishing Timer?s alarm automatically counts down with the second hand to the time remaining when a good catch period is about to be entered.

Now, I’m the farthest thing from a serious fisherman as you can be, but even I think that could be pretty helpful. Sure, if you’ve got your spot you’ve been fishing for years, you probably know the right times without needing a watch to tell you. For everyone else? Well, that’s where the $240 Casio Pro Trek PRTB70 line comes into play. While the product pages show them for pre-order, they are supposed to be released this month, so you can have a watch to keep you company while you’re tying flies on the bench this winter.

Tech Specs from Casio

  • 200M Water Resistance
  • World time (39 cities + UTC)
  • Five Daily Alarms
  • Tide/moon Graph
  • Location Indicator
  • Phone Finder
  • Double LED Light
  • 1/100th sec Stopwatch (24Hr)
  • Countdown Timer (1Hr)

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