It used to be, I thought of wool socks as things that were just itchy and uncomfortable. And sure, they used to be that way. These days, however, I’m all about wool socks, both for their warmth and odor control, as well as the longer life that I seem to get out of the socks. One brand I’ve become aware of as of late is Swiftwick, and their Pursuit Hike Socks.

Why talk about hiking socks? Well, for one, cooler weather is coming (as we talked about here), and that means folks will want to get out on the trails to check out the fall colors. Of course, if you’re like me, you don’t have to wait for that cooler weather to rock a pair of socks like these. The Swiftwick Pursuit Hike Socks are made primarily of wool (more on that in a moment) and come in both a lightweight and a midweight (in terms of cushioning) version.

So, let’s talk materials. While the Swiftwick Pursuit Hike Socks are primarily wool, there are other fibers in there:

  • Medium weight: 69% Merino Wool / 15% Nylon / 13% Olefin / 3% Spandex
  • Light weight: 63% Merino Wool / 18% Nylon / 15% Olefin / 4% Spandex

Spandex is self-explanatory, as it gives the socks some additional stretch, and the nylon I would presume is there to be a reinforcing fiber. That leaves us with Olefin – which turns out to be nothing more than a fancy name for polypropylene. For those of you who weren’t into outdoors gear in the 90s may not recognize that, but I certainly do. That’s the material we had for sock liners – and even long underwear – when we went off into the woods.

Here, in the Swiftwick Pursuit Hike Socks, it’s used to help wick the moisture away from your feet, which is key for hiking. Why? Damp socks lead to friction and blisters, and those are no bueno. And even for casual lounging, if it can wick that moisture away, well, that’s going to help your feet stay comfortable, warm, and free of any odors.

In terms of pricing, the Swiftwick Pursuit Hike Socks come in at what we expect for wool socks these days – $21.99 for the light weight, and $23.99 for the medium weight. They also carry a satisfaction guarantee, but I can’t tell if it’s nearly as robust as the lifetime warranty that sock like Darn Tough Carries.

Oh, also of note – Swiftwick are teaming up to encourage people to get out and hike. For that, they’re partnering with #HikeUnited to get folks out – any trail, any distance, any day in August. It’s a great way to get out and experience nature (and get some activity in), so I say good on them. You can read more about that initiative here, and you can check out the full range of socks directly at Also, keep an eye out for a review, as we’ve got a pair of the medium weight with the Bob Ross mountains on the way in.

By Patrick Kansa

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