Just as laptops have become more and more powerful – and able to supplant desktops for all but the most intensive tasks – tablets have come a long way, and for many uses, can actually take the place of a laptop. The one thing that would be missing, of course, is a physical keyboard (and trackpad) to get the full experience – but ZAGG is there to help you (if you’re an iPad owner) with the three keyboards they just announced.

The first two items we’ll talk about are rather similar – we’ve got the ZAGG Pro Keys and ZAGG Pro Keys with Trackpad. As you might surmise, one has a trackpad, and the other doesn’t. This is enabled via the mouse support that is a more recent addition to iOS, and gives you a way to replicate the method of using a laptop many of us are used to (with the additional benefit of a touch screen if you need it). If you’re looking to save space and weight, the trackpad-less version is the way to go (plus it’ll save you some coin). For me, though the one with the trackpad is the most interesting, as it gives you that full laptop experience while still giving you the slim form factor of the iPad; both of them are detachable and offer a spot to store your Apple Pencil. Pricing for these breaks down like this:

Also worth noting is that these keyboards can multi-pair, so you can easily type away on your phone (or your regular laptop) with these if you like. Speaking of laptops – if you want a more traditional laptop look and feel, then the third option that was announced is where you want to head – the ZAGG Rugged Book. There’s no trackpad here, but you do have a more robust-looking keyboard that may be more comfortable for extended typing sessions – and one presumes a larger battery. It offers a 6.6 foot drop protection like the Pro Keys line does (when in the case and the keyboard closed, one presumes), and is likewise detachable and gives you a spot to store your Apple Pencil. Pricing here is in-line with the Pro Keys:

All in all, these are interesting options from ZAGG. Sure, you could use any bluetooth keyboard with your ipad, and that’s fine if you’re sticking with the home office. If you want to be able to type while on the go – and not rely on the on-screen keyboard – then one of these offerings could certainly help. And hey, if you’re looking at the iPad Pro to be a true laptop replacement – and not just a supplemental device – this is an easy way to extend the capability. For us, the one with the trackpad is the most interesting, and we’re working on getting a review unit in. zagg.com

By Patrick Kansa

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