For our phones, charging has become an area of some heated-up competition. First it was how many watts you could push down the cord to speed up charging, and then once the Qi wireless standard became, well, more standard, it was all manner of wireless charging (and how fast it charged). They’ve tended to be very Apple-focused, or generic (ie, everyone else), but the new mophie snap collection wants to correct that.

Obviously, with the advent of MagSafe in iPhone 12, there was a whole new way for the phone to just latch on to accessories using magnets. For those relying on Qi-compatible wireless charging (older iPhones, Android, and just about any other modern cellphone not coming from Cupertino), you don’t have that nice ring to snap onto. Well, until the mophie snap came along. It starts with their “snap adapter” which is basically a metal ring you can adhere on to the back of your phone. Once it’s in place, then your Qi-enabled phone is able to take advantage of the magnetic connection that the whole mophie snap and snap+ collection offers.

And it’s worth noting – while they sell the snap adapter on it’s own (in a pack of two), each and every device in this collection comes with one in the box as well. So, unless you’ve got multiple phones in the house, you don’t need to pay up any extra cash other than what is needed for your charging (or even just holding) needs. Whether you want to mount your phone in your car, charge things up on your desk, or even have a quick battery pack on-the-go that locks into place, you’re covered (you can see the full list – along with pricing – down below).

While I’ve not tested any of these out (not quite to the iPhone 12 era myself), I do have some of mophie’s wireless charging pads in for review (and many, wireless charging is the pure magic I imagined as a kid reading scifi books, no two ways about) and have been quite happy with them. So, realistically, this should be more of the same. You can check out the collection via the links below to specific products, or directly over at

Here’s what the entire collection is comprised of:

  • snap vent mount ($29.95) – The snap vent mount keeps iPhone 12 and other smartphones at the perfect viewing angle while driving and holds it in portrait or landscape mode. The strong magnets secure your phone in place, making it easy to use for GPS navigation or hands‑free calling.
  • snap+ wireless charger ($34.95) – Conveniently charge iPhone 12 and other devices with just one charger. The snap+ wireless charger provides up to 7.5W of power to iPhone and up to 15W of wireless power to other Qi compatible smartphones, and it can charge through lightweight phone cases.
  • snap+ wireless vent mount ($49.95) – Easily charge while you drive! The snap+ wireless charging vent mount delivers up to 15W of power to your phone while holding it at the perfect viewing angle. The strong magnets secure your phone in place and make it easy to use for GPS navigation or hands‑free calling. The snap+ wireless charger is removable for added versatility, and the snap+ wireless vent mount includes a 20W USB-C car adapter.
  • snap+ juice pack mini ($49.95) – The snap+ juice pack mini contains a 5,000mAh internal battery and demonstrates mophie’s deep commitment to the performance and convenience of mobile power. Use the USB-C input/output port to quickly recharge the snap+ juice pack mini or to charge another device at up to 12W. The magnetic array ensures accurate placement so charging begins on contact, and the integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and current battery life.
  • snap+ wireless stand ($59.95) – Elevate your charging experience while keeping iPhone 12 and other smartphones at the perfect angle. The strong magnets hold your smartphone in landscape or portrait mode, all while delivering a steady charge of up to 7.5W of power to iPhone and up to 15W of wireless power to other Qi compatible smartphones. Plus, the stylish design makes this stand a must-have on any desk or nightstand.
  • snap+ powerstation stand ($69.95) – Stream movies or make video calls without worrying about a low battery! The all-new snap+ powerstation stand contains a 10,000mAh internal battery and charges iPhone 12 and other devices in an ultra-versatile package. The snap+ powerstation stand includes a magnetic array to take advantage of wireless charging at up to 7.5W of power to iPhone, up to 10W of wireless power to other Qi compatible smartphones, and up to 20W of wired USB-C PD power to quickly charge another smartphone. An adjustable stand folds out to turn the powerstation into a portable stand that charges your phone while you text or stream. The snap+ powerstation stand also includes a standard one-quarter inch tripod socket to take your video calls and content creation to the next level. The magnetic array ensures charging begins on contact, so you get the perfect charge every time.
  • snap adapter ($19.95) – Easily upgrade your existing device to take advantage of the latest tech with the snap adapter. Two included metallic rings add magnetic hold to any Qi-enabled smartphone. The magnetic rings also mean instant compatibility with all snap and snap+ accessories by mophie. The snap adapter kit is sold separately (includes two rings), while each product in the snap ecosystem includes one in-box snap adapter ring.  

By Patrick Kansa

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