Sneakers, who doesn’t like a good pair of sneakers? Though, if you’ve found yourself looking to avoid shoes that have any leather on them, your choices get a bit more limited. And if you’re looking for something that’s eco-friendly as well (and not just another plastic shoe), you get even more limited. That’s why these Loci Vegan Sneakers seem so interesting.

So, first things first – the Loci Vegan Sneakers is not trying to create an imitation leather. Instead, the uppers are made from a recycled ocean plastic (sort of like the Triwa we talked about on WWR today). I can’t tell from the photos, but I’m presuming this is some sort of a tight weave, as they talk about the shoes being breathable, and are also treated for water resistance.

Inside the Loci Vegan Sneakers, you’ve got renewable cork showing up on the insole (along with recycled foam) as well as in the midsole, so comfort should be quite good. This is because, as you wear shoes with cork in them, the cork forms to your foot, creating a sort of custom fit.

All of this is done while maintaining a classic sneaker profile, and the ability to choose a color combo that’s as neutral – or as colorful – as you may want it to be. The shoes are hand-made in Portugal, so you’re also getting a break from the mass-produced stuff out there as well. You can pick up a pair of your own (in women’s or men’s sizing, and even the special collaboration with Nikki Reed) for $160 – a bit more premium, but more in-line for what you see for more eco-friendly, lower-volume, products. And, as an added benefit, they’re donating 10% of your purchase to charity preserving oceans and seas.

By Patrick Kansa

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