For the past four years, footwear coming from Lems has been some of my favorite stuff. While I had tried out a number of different “barefoot” style shoes and boots, what Lems was producing offered the best combination of comfort (via a zero-drop sole) and allowing your feet to have room to move. While I’ve been using my Lems Boulder boots (reviewed here) for casual hikes, they’ve just introduced a new design that’s purpose-built for that task – the Lems Outlander.

Looking at the Lems Outlander, these feel very much like the designs of boots that I used back in my backpacking days, with the padded collar, built up bits at the heel and toe, and plenty of textile panels for breathability. Looking at those panels, though, you wonder – how is it that they can say that the boots are waterproof?

Turns out, they did to the Lems Outlander just what they did to the waterproof version of the Boulder (yes, I’ve got a pair of those as well, that’s how much I like them) – they gusseted the tongue, and put a waterproof membrane inside. Combined with the textile panels over them, this should allow your feet to stay dry, while still allowing the heat and moisture that can build up inside a boot to escape on out. In other words, perfect for whatever you’re doing, either on the trail or in town.

Given that the Lems Outlander are built on the same last as the Boulder, I’m expecting these to be just as comfortable, with the added traction that the more aggressive sole these boots have. I’ve gotten back to really liking boots on my feet when we go camping, and these look like they’ll offer a great mix of versatility, from the campsite to the trail, and even heading on into town for supplies. And with that waterproof membrane, well, you’re a-ok if a surprise rain shower comes down.

If you can’t tell, I think that Lems Outlander is a great addition to the lineup, especially with warmer weather on the way (though, they should work as snow boots in a pinch if you’re so inclined). They’re available in either Men’s or Women’s US sizing for $190 in three different colors (that the blue is my favorite should be no surprise). If you’re unsure of how you’ll like them, we’ve got a pair coming in, and will be seeing how these compare and contrast against my favorite Lems Boulder boots in an upcoming review. Check out the options, or order your own, over at

Details from Lems

  • Waterproofing: 100% – breathable waterproof membrane
  • Tongue: Gusseted
  • Last: Lems Natural-Shape™ Last
  • Upper: Nylon and leather
  • Lining: Polyester with waterproof membrane 
  • Outsole: Winter traction outsole with 4mm lugs and zig-zag siping
  • Insole: 4.5mm Adventure insole
  • Stack Height: 16.0mm (not including 4.5mm insole)
  • Drop: 0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • Weight: 14.7 oz (Men’s 10)
  • Care & Treatment: Otter Wax or Nikwax

By Patrick Kansa

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