Camping trailers have been on my mind over the last year or so. We’ve been a tent camping family, but are feeling that we’ll need to switch over to some sort of trailer for our longer-term plans. What you quickly realize is that many setups are going to put your trusty minivan up near it’s tow limit (and you’re considering things like transmission coolers), and start thinking about getting a truck to be able to handle things. We may still go that route, but if you want something lightweight and easy to store – and stay off-grid – then this new GoSun Camp365 may be what the doctor ordered.

So, first things first. Look at that picture above, and you can see how small this thing folds down. Pop-up campers are easy enough to fit into a garage, but this one will take up even less space. Given that it’s using a textile for the walls (though, it’s insulated with an air-gap, so that’s more comfort for you) weight is kept low, right around the 1,800 pound mark (for comparison-sake, the Honda Odyssey is rated for 3,000 lbs) meaning that many vehicles will be able to easily tow this cabin-on-wheels.

Now, the Camp365 has been around for a little bit, and I remember running across them when I was looking for lighter-weight options. So, what makes this version different than what came before? Well, it’s the partnering up with the solar gurus at GoSun. This of course means exterior solar panels, but also enabling things like refrigerations, water filtering, heating, and plenty of power, all via solar panels. This also means that, in a pinch, you can use this as a power generator (within reason) if there’s an outage when you’re at home.

All in all, it seems to me like there is a lot of great tech loaded into this little trailer. Plenty of space inside it for when the weather gets iffy, and a good bit of floor space to put out additional airmats for everyone to have space to sleep. If you want to pick one up, you’ll be putting $5,000 down now against the full price of $32,500. To find out more, go on over to


  • Refrigeration: The Gosun Camp365 includes the super energy-efficient Gosun Chill.  The Chill refrigerator cooler has 40L of space, plenty of room for all your drinks and food, and never needs ice. 
  • Cooking: For cooking, the remarkable GoSun Fusion is included that makes any meal from sunlight and can cook with the onboard 12-volt battery.
  • Water: Clean drinking water when one is on the go is critical, and the GoSun Flow water system can purify water from any source, whether a stream, river, or lake.  With the push of a button, a two-watt USB-powered pump moves water from the source through a filter. This trailer has over 24 gallons of water storage on board.
  • Heating: Staying warm at night is easy with the GoSun heated blanket, and since it’s portable, you can use it in the Trailer on your bed or outside when you are by a campfire. 
  • Power: Packed with energy and ports, The GoSun Camp365 comes with multiple portable power banks and the larger Power 1100, which can power all of your 12-volt and 110-volt appliances, eliminating the need for a gas generator or campground hookups.
  • Solar Charging: The GoSun Camp365 naturally has solar charging. The Camp365 offers 300 watts of solar power, including its portable and useful Solar Table.
  • Brew: Although we love getting away from it all, many of us love our hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning. An ultra-portable, all-in-one French Coffee maker, is also included.
  • Backup Power System for your Home: When parked at home, the GoSun Camp365 provides an emergency power system that can operate365 days a year to power all your electronic essentials and provide you with cooking, refrigeration, and freshwater.

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