Whether you’re heading to the beach, or just to go take a shower, a towel is something that is necessary equipment. Odds are, you’ve got the same towel hanging on the hook that you’ve had for years, so maybe it’s time to look for a new one. One of the latest towel brands to come across our radar is FiveADRIFT.

What we like about the FiveADRIFT – other than the colorful patterns – is the impact the brand is having on the world. With anything in textiles, it’s often done as quickly and cheaply as possible, which is generally not going to be good for the world in terms of ecological impact. They state they’ve managed to get their manufacturing, packing, and shipping process to be sustainable. Not only that, these towels are designed to be used for a long time to come, keeping them from ending up in the landfill.

Along with that, FiveADRIFT is not in it for their own enrichment. Sure, they’re selling towels, but they’re using 100% of the profits from selling them to help clean up the oceans. So, for each of these that you purchase, they’re estimating it’ll help remove 75 bottles from the ocean. So, you get to dry off, and all the critters get a better, cleaner ocean.

While they’re removing plastic, the FiveADRIFT don’t have any plastic in them. It’s using a mix of help and cotton to create a towel that’s got a flat weave (the better to resist the sand it may end up being laid down upon) that will still be super-absorbant. They’ve even sewn on a loop on the towel to make it easier to hang them up outside to dry off, which is a great add-on for camping, in our opinion.

Of course, with something like a towel, the proof is in the pudding, in terms of how it feels to use, as well as how well it dries you. We’re working on getting one in for a full review, so keep tuned for that. In the meantime, you can pick one up for $65 in eight different designs (four each for the Ocean and New England collections), or a pack of four for $249. Those are all available over at fiveadrift.com

Details from FiveADRIFT

  • Soft blend of hemp, traditional & organic cotton
  • HempCORE™ absorbs 3x more water
  • Oversized: 165cm x 91.5cm / 65 x 36 inches
  • Sand resistant flat weave
  • Super durable & designed for adventure
  • Hanging loop for outside drying
  • Removes 75 plastic bottles from the ocean

By Patrick Kansa

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