Remember Juicero? Every other year, it seems like a company attempts to reinvent the wheel in the household drinks industry and crashes and burns in the process. Enter Chaibot, who, despite its predecessors’ histories, is trying to make an All In One Tea Machine. Past be damned, the folks at Brewconcepts seem to have a good understanding of what Juicero and Co. got right and – more importantly – what they got wrong. 

Money Doesn’t Grow on Tea Leaves

Chaibot’s first key selling point compared to its competitors is its price. While Juicero’s product could only squeeze Juicero branded packets, Chaibot lets its users choose how and what to brew. All while weighing in at just $175 for the Kickstarter sale price, 4x less than what Juicero was asking for their wifi-enabled juicer.  

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Chaibot’s features seem hell-bent on keeping your morning routines as consistent as possible. Just fill the water tank, add your desired ingredients, pour some milk into the affixed heated kettle, and select an automated brew mode. The rest will be done for you, at the same level of quality and consistency as your local tea shop. The best part is, when it’s done making your tea, you can set it to automatically clean itself, leaving it fresh and ready for your next use.

Your Tea, Your Way

Chaibot lets you mix and match loose tea, bags, and disks, creating a personalized – and if you want automated – blend you can make time and time again. It boasts a less than 2-minute preparation time, and the ability to brew Tea, Matcha, and Chai, all by just choosing a different setting.  

Chaibot is on kickstarter right now, at its $175 early bird price, where it’ll stay until December 8th. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself wanting to take your morning cup of tea to the next level, it might just be worth picking up. And, unlike Juicero, you don’t have to spend hundreds on pods.

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