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Amazon held a private, invite-only Hardware event today, in which they announced an array of new Smart Home Ecosystem products. The gadgets revealed ranged from expected; A New Series of Amazon Echo products, and the unexpected, in the form of a $140 Sleep Tracker.

Let’s focus on the Amazon Echo products though, of which there is no shortage.

Starting with the fifth generation Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock, Amazon announced that, although the exteriors look identical, they have made an abundance of changes on the inside, including a new, larger speaker that produces “clear vocals”, and boasts up to double the bass response. However, seeing past iterations of the Amazon Echo Dot, it’s likely best to stay on the cautious side as to buying the new Dot solely for its sound-producing capabilities.

The speakers will also feature an accelerometer and temperature sensor, with the Echo Dot with Clock coming with new “high-density dot” technology, capable of legibly displaying information such as song titles, artist names, and even calendar events (although that’s still in the works).

The Echo Dot will cost $49.99, while the Echo Dot with Clock will weigh in at $59.99. These gadgets are set to be released on the 20th of October.

Echo Studio, Amazon’s only Echo speaker capable of Dolby Atmos audio, will also be receiving a free update, improving its spatial audio capabilities. The three-year-old system will be re-released next month, with a new “Glacier White” style, at $199.99.

Credit: Amazon

Finally, Amazon also unveiled a new iteration of its Echo Auto, its virtual assistant that can be connected to your car, featuring a slimmer, more secure design.

For more information on Amazon’s new lineup of products, check out Amazon’s Blog Post.

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