Once you cover off on your basic every day carry (EDC) items – phone, wallet, pocket knife – you start getting into areas that are less clear if you’d actually need them day to day. Do you really need a stand-alone flashlight? Perhaps not, but I’ve still got a small one on my keychain. One of the latest items to hit my keychain that fall in that “perhaps not” category are the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers.

Now, let me clarify. When I say “perhaps not” this is not to take away from whatever the item may be. It could just be that in your particular day to day, you’re not finding a use for whatever it is. For myself, using tweezers may not be a daily occurrence, but it is something that I look for more days in the week than I don’t. So, yeah, something like the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers is a boon for me.

First off, the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers are machined from titanium, keeping things strong and light. Light is great for not weighing your keys (and pocket) down, and strong is great because these are intended to bang around in your pocket. If they couldn’t handle that, well, a bent pair of tweezers is almost more useless than no tweezers. While there is an option to get a pair of tweezers that have a keychain hole in them, we got in a set with the titanium cap. The cap goes on the ring, then, and holds your tweezers solidly in place. Then, when you need the tweezers, you’re not dealing with all of your keys – quite handy in our book.

The cap also helps to protect the jaws of the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers, another great benefit. Then again, should the tips not be clamping down as tightly as you like, you could rework them a bit to get them smooth and angled properly again. Now, I hear you thinking about the tweezers in that multi-blade pocket knife you have. That’s like trying to compare a Civic to an F150. Sure you can haul stuff around in the trunk of the Civic, but the F150 will get it done without breaking a sweat (and without a sagging rear suspension).

Same thing here with the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers. They’re overbuilt, but that means they should last for the long haul. Need to pull some burrs off of your pant legs, separate out a knot in your shoelaces, or even dig a splinter out of your finger? These will get the job done. It does take a little bit getting used to how to grip these (they’re a bit narrower than your drugstore brand tweezers), but they’ve got a lot of clamping force. Flip things around to the other end (where the logo is engraved in) and you’ve got a flat surface that could be a small pry tool, slotted screwdriver, or even a quick way to break through packing tape on the box.

So, in our book, the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers is a worthy addition to your EDC. Better yet, since these are made right here in the States, you’re not having to wait for it to get unloaded from a boat on the west coast to get a hold of these. It’s a one-man show right now, but you can follow along on Instagram and see what is being produced, and how things are rolling in the shop. Another great benefit of being relatively local, and supporting the smaller-scale maker?

You’ve got a ton of options for the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers. First thing is to figure out if you want just the tweezers (keychain hole or hole-free) or if you want the tweezers plus cap option. Then, past that, you’ve got three finishing options for these (blasted, polished, tumbled) as well as a multitude of color options (ten, plus the choice to leave it plain). Then, you can have the cap finished and colored differently than the tweezers, as you can see we’ve done here. If you zoom in on some of the pictures, you’ll see that the finish has worn a bit as I’ve been carrying it and using the tweezers. But you know what? That’s fine – this is a tool, it’s meant to be used, and those scuffs and wear marks are the sign of an item being put to the job it was designed for.

If you’re looking for just the tweezer element, the Triiaxis Keychain Tweezers start at $40; going over to a tweezer plus cap combo will start things out $63 (for the pre-set combos). Is that pricey for a pair of tweezers? It sure is, if you’re just looking to have these live in your medicine cabinet. For something that can be a tool to have with you every day for years and years? Then it’s a solid price for these titanium tweezers, and will no doubt be an absolute sigh of relief to have on your keychain the next time you could really use a good pair of tweezers rather than your fingertips. Check out all of the options (as well as his sold-out knives) over at triiaxis.com

Specs from Triiaxis

  • Tweezers
    • Machined from solid titanium bar, designed and manufactured in the USA
    • Lightweight, and strong. Will never lose their springy-ness.
    • Engraved logos, which means they stay on even during abuse
    • Extremely strong prybar style end
    • Angled jaws, if the tips become damaged they can be redressed to regain clamping ability
    • Extremely unique, no tweezers are the same
  • Cap
    • Machined from solid 6AL4V titanium bar
    • Customizable, mix and match-able to any tweezer body
    • Keeps tweezers secure, and protects them from damage
    • Pop tweezers out when in use, and store them securely when not in use.
    • Removes the need to drag your entire key set around to use the tweezers
    • For use with common size key-rings both flat and round.

By Patrick Kansa

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