The uThrone gaming chair is no everyday desk chair. Combining the sleek design of modern gaming chairs with massage chair technologies is a bold move and the uThrone is a unique product. That said, once you put your butt in the seat, you either love it or hate it immediately. We loved it.

As a testament to its uniqueness, the uThrone is priced at $899, making it a big investment when compared to other, non-massage gaming chairs. Is the investment worth it?

The uThrone is a normal gaming chair with a twist

The uThrone functions fine as a regular gaming chair. When the massager is off, the chair is perfectly flat and feels completely normal and comfortable. Only when the massager is activated do the two balls come up from inside the chair and begin massaging your back.

The massage style and focus area are completely customizable, with the chair allowing you to choose between rolling, tapping, and both at once. You can also select how high or low you want to be massaged, allowing you to hit those hard-to-reach places.

One of the only flaws that is noticeable is the impact of the tapping motion while gaming or working. Each impact will hit your back powerfully, which can end up shaking your body and hands which can prove disadvantageous, especially when playing precise FPS games.

The rolling massage functionality has significantly fewer issues on this front, which makes it a more universal massage style. However, where the chair really shines is when reclined and watching videos or movies. The uThrone allows you to recline yourself to a near flat position, allowing you to enjoy your shows in comfort.

This thing is weird but good

 The uThrone presupposes that you and your back need to be massaged while gaming. While the average desk warrior might not want to be pounded while entering spreadsheet data, this chair is definitely aimed at folks who spend hours in front of their machine. We could definitely see this thing being a solution of professional gamers or even gold farmers and other “gaming professionals” who spend eight hours plus in repetitive gaming situations. If you’re in that rarified little group then you’ll probably like this thing. If you’re not then it’s a hard sell to spend nearly $1,000 on a really fancy gaming chair.

This thing is an acquired taste. I used it for a full week before getting used to the odd backrest holes and styling. That said, I slowly but surely entered this thing into my daily gaming regimen and now feel it’s one of the best gaming chairs on the market. If you have the chance to try it please give it a test drive before spending the cash but I can attest that if you suffer from back pain and wants something literally no other gamer on the block will have you’re going to love the uThrone.

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