Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp

Little, inexpensive audio devices can go either way. In some cases, you can spend less than a hundred on an amp or pre-amp for your desktop or shelf speakers and get, well, junk. And in some cases, as with the Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp, you get just the thing for a set of speakers that need to be loud and listenable.

The best thing? The Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp costs a paltry $79, a steal for what amounts to a powerful little amp that gets the job done.

The Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp: Easy to Use

The Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp is super simple. It features RCA inputs and banana jacks out to stereo speakers. I tested mine with a pair of Yamaha HS50M speakers. These flat, powered speakers are fairly standard desktop fare and similar to what you’d want to use the TB10D with. I ran a few songs through the amp and speakers, including some techno and jazz as well an action movie and a drama.

The Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp: Components

The case is made of aluminum and it has treble and bass controls on the front along with volume and power control. You won’t mistake this cute little amp for more expensive offerings from Schiit

The TB10D uses a Texas Instruments TPA3255 amplifier chip and is rated at 300W per channel, a claim that many have found difficult to stomach. This is because the TB10D ships with a 32V 5AMP power supply and to get 300W out of each channel requires an upgrade to a 48V 10AMP supply. This aside, how does the TB10D sound?

The Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp

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Is the TB10D a good amp?

The TB10D is a solid little amp. The sound is very clear with a very nice sound stage, even at high volumes. The TB10D has a definite sound to it – it’s a Class D amplifier so it blasts out power rather than clarity. This means that if you’re looking for a simpler, leaner sound you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

The TB10D is a great starter amp for folks who are just getting into audio gear. Because it is so simple anyone can use it and it’s a great “second” amp for a set of bookshelf speakers. Want the easiest Bluetooth setup in the world, for example? Grab this little dongle and connect it to a pair of PreSonus monitors. The results are more than satisfactory and will give you superior sound to any other portable Bluetooth speaker you can buy.

Again, this is not the best amp you can buy but at $79 it’s one of the cheapest. I have no real complaints here and if you know what you’re getting (and doing) you can get some nice sound of this without a big price tag.

If you want good sound and lots of it, the TB10D is the amp for you.

The Fosi Audio TB10D Desktop Amp
Audio Input:RCA Input
Power supply:32V 5A
Power supply voltage range:18V-48V
Frequency Range:20Hz – 20kHz (±1 dB)
Input Sensitivity:≤600mV
Terminating Impedance:2Ω-8Ω
Output Power:300W + 300W
Product Size:166 x 105 x 40 mm
Product Weight:650g

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