These days, when I’m thinking of tie-down straps, it’s generally the larger sort for holding stuff down in the cargo basket in the family hauler. That said, there’s still something to be said about being able to tie things down – or simply attach them – on a much smaller scale. That’s where the Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Straps come in handy.

While these are made of a stretchy TPU, the Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Straps remind me very much of the nylon webbing straps I’d use to strap things onto my external frame backpack back in the day, or even in what shows up as compression straps on stuff sacks now. More than being a simple strap, they also can give some protection between what you’re strapping in place and what it’s being strapped to.

That’s done by way of a small bit that you thread the loose end of the Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Straps through, forming a small loop that grabs in place on, say, the down tube of a bicycle. Then, as you stretch and pull the strap through it’s buckle, it catches on small tang on the buckle, and tension holds things in place. This gives you a fairly secure “lock in place” method without needing to worry about any cam buckles, or any sort of two-step buckle to thread things through.

Holding a water bottle on the grab handle of a backpack

Basically, if you can get the loose end of the Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Straps around it, or through an opening, or around some loops, you’ve now got an easy way to strap something onto another piece of gear. Or even just to lock things in place so they’re not banging around – say, a tripod before you pack it into the back of your vehicle. There a number of ways the could be used. Much the same way a woven nylon strap could be used, but with the benefit of a material that not only is grippy, it also has a little bit of give to it, even while under tension. Just don’t go and try to use it for anything load-bearing, alright?


While we reviewed the mixed four-pack ($24.95), they are also available as two-packs (two if a single size; pricing ranges from $8.95 – $15.95). They’re also available in either grey or yellow, and regardless of the lengths you pick, you could easily connect them together to form a larger strap.

Tech Specs from Sea to Summit

  • Grippy and stretchy TPU material prevents secured items from slipping
  • Adjustable, strong and secure straps with positive, non-slip buckle
  • Easy and fast to tension and securely lock in place
  • TPU Keeper Strap attaches Stretch-Loc to support and provides grippy, cushioning surface
  • Keeper Strap protects items from scratching and retains excess strap
  • Two or more straps can be joined to increase length
  • Pack of 4 includes sizes of: 15 in, 20 in, 25 in, 30 in

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