Today, we’re going to check out a newer brand on the market, RDCL Superfoods. I’ve used a number of different hydration solutions (my favorite are the fizzy tablets for portability), but RDCL is looking to throw some extra boosts in there with the mixes they have. So, let’s take a look at what the RDCL Superfoods Drink Mixes offer.

The first ones I dove into were the hydration mixes, here in two flavors. There’s the Dragon Fruit Superberry and then Passion Fruit both with some levels of immunity boosting. For me, what really sets these apart is the fact that the powder has dehydrated coconut water (so, allergy warning there). This ups the game from just adding electrolytes, and brings the benefits of coconut water along. In terms of the actual flavor, I liked them both, with a slight edge to the Dragon Fruit. If you’re sensitive to texture, these did not make the water feel “slippery” as some of the hydrating stuff out there can do. Also worth noting these mixed up very easily. I just put the powder in and then swirled the glass as I put water in, and it mixed in quite nicely.

Those are great for something to sip on a hot day, particularly after (or during) a workout or bout of yard work. What about when the temperature falls? Then might be feeling some hot chocolate, right? Well, RDCL has you covered there as well, with their Super Cocoa. What’s interesting here is that there’s actually a protein measurement to it, as they’ve got pea protein in the mix. So, you get some additional muscle building in there, rather than the normal sugar dump that hot chocolate can tend to be. For myself, I don’t tend to drink hot chocolate, but mixing it my coffee as an occasional treat? That’s fair game.

So that’s what I did, is mix it with my coffee (you could use water or milk too, of course). The initial taste was just what I was expecting – a chocolatey coffee. You do quickly realize that the flavor is a tad different, I think influenced by the pea protein. Now, if you’re used to protein powders and the like, you’ll be fine. What will be interesting to see is if my kids notice it or not. Given how much less sugar is in these packets, it’s definitely worth a try.

All in all, I came away liking what I saw (and tasted) with these RDCL Superfoods drink mixes. As you’d expect, for a healthier option (not loaded up with junk and fillers), these are bit more expensive than the big box brand stuff. For the hydrating powders, those are going for $27.99 (you can subscribe-and-save for a discount), and the cocoa comes in at $29.99. If you’re looking to explore some different plant-friendly options, these are worth checking out.

Details from RDCL Superfoods

Radical Elements – Dragon Fruit Superberry / Passion Fruit

  • Boosted for Immunity, Energy, and Focus
  • Superfood blend with real-foods, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals
  • Easy to prepare – simply mix with water
  • Delicious and refreshing
  • A perfect way to hydrate and nourish your body
  • 30 servings in each pouch (only $1 per serving)

Super Cocoa

  • 12 individual servings per box (that’s $2.50 per serving)
  • Made with a rich blend of 2 types of real cacao
  • Loaded with organic veggies, fruits, and ancient grains & seeds (shhh, don’t tell the kids)
  • Contains 6 grams of organic pea protein per serving
  • Enjoy it hot or cold
  • 100% plant-based & cruelty free
  • Zero added sugar, zero junk, and gluten free
  • Rich and creamy (even when mixed with water)

By Patrick Kansa

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