If you recall, it was not that long ago that we brought you word of some newer items from Peak Design. Since then, we’ve gotten a few items in that could be tested in limited travel (and have some plans to expand into some reviews for bags that work well for camping). The first one we’ve spent time with is the Peak Design Tech Pouch.

It’s a given, in our tech- and gadget-infused world, that we’ll have more than a few things we need to manage for our gear. Things like cables, charging bricks, backup battery packs, memory cards, and the like. That’s what the Peak Design Tech Pouch is intended for. When I’ve travelled, that’s something I’ve struggled with, having a single container to grab that has all of those in one spot, and still keep it organized. To date, this is the best one that I’ve run across.

For starters, you’ve got a fairly smooth exterior to the Peak Design Tech Pouch, which allows it to slip into a larger backpack or bag. Or, if you like, you can use the connection points to attach it onto other Peak Designs gear. Past that, you’ve got a subtle pair of loops / grab handles on the base of the bag, as well as a larger one at the top that allows you to easily carry the thing around. You’ve got a larger main zipper, than then there’s a smaller zipper up front as well. This is a small pocket for quick-grab items, and it also has a pass-through sewn in. Handy for running a cable through to be able to charge up your phone, say, from an external battery pack.

When you unzip the main zipper (which is weatherproof), you get into the magic of the Peak Design Tech Pouch. It opens up accordian file style, with a number of stretchy pockets and spots to stash stuff. Really, the most difficult time you’re going to have is figuring out what pocket to put things into, and settle in on the arrangement. Aside from the big sections in the middle, you’ve got smaller pockets on the outer edges of the bag, handy for slipping in USB keys, flashlights, SD cards, and the like. Also worth noting are the loops on either side – handy for slipping in a pen, pencil, or even slim screwdrivers if need be.

While I can’t say I’ve been gallivanting around with the Peak Design Tech Pouch (not even a road trip), it’s been handy to have even just around the house. It’s kept all of my cables and batteries organized and in one spot, and it stands in place, whether it’s open or zipped close. And, once zipped closed, it keeps things nice and sleek, and basically unclutters your desk (even if it’s a mess of cables on the inside). And, once some sort of travel comes up, it gives me a single bag to grab to head out the door and be able to keep devices charged up.

And, should I ever travel again for work, the Peak Design Tech Pouch will slide easily into my backpack, again keeping things organized and powered up. In other words, it’s a useful little bag across a number of scenarios, both travel and not. The Peak Design Tech Pouch is available in five different colors for $59.95 directly from peakdesign.com

Tech Specs from Peak Design

    • Exterior Fabric is weatherproof 200D Nylon. Nylon and polyester PU and TPU coated fabrics, Woven nylon webbing, EVA foam, Hypalon. LEATHER logo badge.
    • Exterior fabric is weatherproof 200D Nylon. Nylon and polyster PC and TPU coated fabrics, Woven nylon webbing, EVA foam, Hypalon.
  • 210D Melange nylon, polyester and a PU face coating in fabric. Embossed WPS, YKK Zippers, Elastic band (pen holder), and polyester twill binding.
  • WEIGHT: 288g (10.2 oz)
  • DIMENSIONS: 6″ x 9.5″ x 4″ (15 x 24 x 10cm)
  • WARRANTY: Guaranteed for life

By Patrick Kansa

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