The last time we were talking to you about Naked Nutrition, it was their Naked Whey, a classic protein powder that – while it could be mixed in water in drank – it was really better served as being an additive to something else, like a smoothie or some oatmeal. If you want something a little more ready-to-drink, then something like the Naked Nutrition Clear Naked Whey is worth checking out.

For this new product, you can get the Naked Nutrition Clear Naked Whey in grape, lemonade, or fruit punch (which we tried out). As with their other protein powders, it’s just whey protein isolate giving you the protein punch. That simple approach also extends to how they came up with this particular mix, with no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Color comes from veggie juice, sweetness comes from cane sugar, and then the flavors come from “natural flavors” (the one mystery about this).

After initial shake

Of course, taste is a big component with something like the Naked Nutrition Clear Naked Whey. Of course, if you’re used to whey protein, you’re familiar with the taste those powders normally bring. Here, that’s not the case. The whey comes through a little in the aftertaste, but up front, it does taste of a sports drink approach to fruit punch. It’s not as strong (or sweet) as you might have encountered with a hydration mix, but that’s fine – this isn’t for hydration, per se (other than what water itself gives you).

Once it settles a bit

This is to get that water in you, and toss some extra protein in there to support your fitness needs. We also tried out their 28oz shaker bottle, which is included the first time you order the powder. With the blender ball in, it’s super quick to mix this up with the water, and there’s no leftover powder or any unpleasant graininess.

If you use the full two-scoop recommendation, you’re only adding 70 calories to the intake for the day, while packing in 15g of protein, so that’s a very solid tradeoff. While we tend to think of protein drinks as something for post-workout, I’d say that the Naked Nutrition Clear Naked Whey could work quite well as something to drink during the workout. Want to try it out? It’s running $44.99 direct from them, which should give you 30 servings using two scoops each time.

Details from Naked Nutrition

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