If you recall, it wasn’t that long ago that we told you about the crowdfunding campaign for the MP Magic Waffle Towel (you can see that here). Even though that campaign doesn’t finish until the start of October, we were able to get an early one in to take for a spin (and don’t worry, there are no pictures of me in a towel in this review).

On one hand, I can say that towels are something I generally don’t give much thought, other than knowing my wife has gotten us some nice and soft ones at home, and the ones at the gym feel like you’re drying yourself off with sandpaper. The MP Magic Waffle Towel, on the other hand, are rather unlike any other towel I’ve used. Sure, I’ve used waffle-knit towels at a hotel before, but these have a rather unique weave.

Shown in closeup (as above), you can see that the way that the MP Magic Waffle Towel is woven is actually a bit loose, letting each strand of the Giza 86 cotton to do its thing. And by that, I mean absorbing water. In my experience, it actually does that quite well. And due to those nooks and crannies in the towel, when you wrap it around yourself to step out of the shower (after drying off) it doesn’t feel like you’re wrapping a sodden mess around your waist.

To be fair, it doesn’t feel completely dry, but the MP Magic Waffle Towel feels a lot less damp than a standard towel. And, given how loose the weave is, the towel itself does seem to dry a bit faster than a standard towel, which will help keep odors from forming. But you don’t just have to take my word for it. My wife used the MP Magic Waffle Towel as well, and quite specifically did not expect to like it. After using it, though, she really enjoyed the towel, and thought it worked well for her and for wrapping up her hair post-shower.

As I mentioned at the outset, the funding campaign for the MP Magic Waffle Towel is still going, and you can get in for $30, with things expected to start shipping later in October, after the campaign finishes. You can check it all out over at the campaign page / mpmagicsocks.com

By Patrick Kansa

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