How many times can you include the word “power” in one headline? Looks like three, at least this time around. As we mentioned in an earlier emergency preparedness roundup, we had some of the products from that roundup on the way. Today, we’re taking a look at the first one, the FosPower Power Active Power Bank.

I’ll be the first to point it out – calling it the FosPower Power Active Power Bank is a mouthful. So, for the rest of this, we’ll just call it the FosPower Battery. At this point, most of us probably have at least one external battery pack laying around, as they’re handy to have to be able to top off your phone while you’re out and about and using it heavily. What if that out and about has you heading out into the outdoors?

Most battery packs would work, sure, but you’ll need to be careful to pack them away in your bag when they’re not used, look out to not drop it, and absolutely keep it away from any water. On the other hand, the FosPower Battery is ready to take on all of that.

The FosPower Battery carries an IP67 rating, which means it can keep the dust and water out (so long as you have the flap locked in place over the charging ports). More than that, it could be under up to 3 feet water for 30 minutes, so it should be safe if you get yourself caught in a rain shower.

As far as the exterior goes, the FosPower Battery both looks and feels pretty rugged. I’m pretty sure it’s just plastics (not actually wrapped in rubber to absorb bumps) but I’d still be way more comfortable having this while I was camping then some of my other ones. And I wasn’t about to start dropping this or hitting it with a hammer, given that’s generally a bad idea for batteries. So, that goes the same here – if you drop it, it’ll probably be ok, but try not to.

To help with that, it’s got a carabiner clip installed right on it, so you could easily clip it onto a belt loop or strap on your pack, and have the battery right where you need it, instead of needing to dig through the bag to find it. With the IP67 rating, it should be just fine hanging out there outside the bag. And, if it’s outside your bag, you’d be able to use the compass on top, and even the small flashlight that’s built into the battery pack (under the flap at the bottom).

It’s a good bit of functionality and protection built into the FosPower Battery, and I think that justifies the premium you might see as compared to other battery packs. By that, I mean you might be surprised by the $54.99 price tag, but I think it’s a good option to have around. You might not have ALL of your battery packs be this one, but having at least one around would be beneficial for camping, hiking, and general emergency preparedness. You can purchase one directly from FosPower, or over at the online purveyor of all things (where it’s about half of MSRP, which makes it an insta-buy in our book).

Tech Specs from FosPower

  • [HIGH CAPACITY POWER BANK] Rugged high capacity (10,050mAh) and 2.1A dual outputs (Type-C and USB) power bank is a perfect portable charger for smartphones, tablets and portable electronic devices.
  • [TOUGH, STURDY, AND RUGGED] The FosPower battery pack is designed to be snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof and water proof. It is a great mobile battery backup for catastrophic events, like hurricane, tropical storms, flood, earthquake, tornadoes, etc.
  • [SAFE AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL] The power bank has built-in short-circuit, over-charge, and over-heat protection. The portable charger also comes with LED flashlight, a compass, and a carabiner.
  • [IP67 CERTIFIED PROTECTION] The external battery charger is certified to be dust and water resistance for up to 3ft/1m for 30 minutes under water.
  • [LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Please refer to FosPower’s website for more information.

By Patrick Kansa

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