We have definitely gotten into the swing of reviewing more audio products over the last year, though we’ve tended to focus more on the personal aspect of audio – be it via earbuds, headphones, or even headphone amps. Well, what if you want to share the sound? That’s where a solid bluetooth speaker can be handy, such as one like the Enacfire Soundtank that we got in recently.

Let me start with one thing first – if you’re thinking about getting one of these to have in your backpack blasting out tunes while you go down a trail – don’t. Just don’t. Random strangers don’t want to hear what you’re listening to, and you should use headphones. On the other hand, if you want to have some handy tunes going in the backyard while you relax, or maybe back at the campsite? Then go for it, my friend.

There are certainly no shortage of bluetooth speaker options out there, so why the Enacfire Soundtank? First off, it does have IPX7 water resistance, so it can handle some moisture in the air (just check out the chonky plug over the charging port up above). Also, with the hexagonal shape, you’ve got two ways to put the speaker down – laying lengthwise, or standing on it’s end. Either way works, though most folks will probably lay it flat, and let the two 20W drivers do their thing.

Charge via USB-C, or connect a line-in

That is, unless you’ve purchased two Enacfire Soundtanks. In that case, you can actually pair them, and set them up to work as stereo speakers (and not just double the volume you can push). While we couldn’t test that, it looks to be a clean implementation (the instruction manual gives you the step) and doesn’t require any special app on your phone to configure it. In this case, then sure, stand them up and let the tunes roll.

In that “party mode” you may want to flip on the “bass boost” mode on the speakers, which accordingly bumps the bottom end of the EQ. I played around with it some, and tended to more often leave it off. The exception was with some non-musical audio. Depending on the quality of the stream, the bass boost added some nice “oomph” to the person speaking, helping (at least, for my ears) to come across a little more clearly.

The controls

That was all indoors. The way I look at the speaker, though, the Enacfire Soundtank is something that is meant to be outdoors. The metal casing feels fairly robust, and of course the dust seal (and the water resistance rating) helps to underscore that. While I’ve not brought tunes to the campsite in the past, with this we just might do that. You can pick up the Enacfire Soundtank for $89.99 plus shipping direct from the brand. Or, if you want a deal (especially for buying two), head on over to Amazon, where they’re just $49.99 (and are Prime-eligible). enacfire.com

Details from Enacfire

  • 【FINE-TUNED AUDIO QUALITY】ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth speaker installed with 2 high performance 20W vibrating drivers that creates an optimized sound filed for dynamic range and exceptional clarity across all music. With true 360°surround sound, bring the actual live show to live.
  • 【BASS PLUS MODE】Get 50% more bass effect in an instant, simply press the bass plus button once. With various internal equalizer equipped, you can easily switch between soft and rock music. Deeper, Heavier, Stronger.
  • 【IPX7 WATERPROOF】Concern about bring it out for outdoor activities? Forget it! ENACFIRE Soundtank born with water-resistant feature that can easily withstand all kinds of water.
  • 【ALL DAY LONG PLAYTIME】With ENACFIRE Soundtank portable wireless speaker, you can literally play the music consistently 24 hours on a single charge. All day, from the day to night, it can be with you anytime, anywhere, no matter where you go.
  • 【UNBREAKABLE CONNECTIVITY】With the latest Bluetooth technology, ENACFIRE Soundtank portable Bluetooth speaker provide strong connection regardless indoor or outdoor. The universal compatibility strengthen amazing music streaming.

By Patrick Kansa

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