If you’re looking for a pair of headphones, either for your work from home setup, listening to podcasts from your phone, or to further immerse yourself in your game, you’ve got an enormous range of options to select from. While I tend to go for wireless noise cancelling ones (like these), there are plenty of solid wired options out there as well. One we’ve been spending time with lately is the Edifier Hecate GX Headset.

Now, make no mistake – it is very definitely the RGB functionality that first drew me to the Edifier Hecate GX Headset. Just as I like glow on my watches, I like flashes of color that I can control on my gadgets. For this headset, you can have it pulse in a single color (and you can cycle through the colors to get the one you want), stay solid, or have it go and cycle through all of its color combos. Depending on what I was doing, I had it stuck on a single color, or going through them all.

Those colors show up on the ear cups, so it’s not something you really see while you’re wearing them – but you can see it on the tip of the mic boom. Now, this was one of the really intriguing things on this head. First off, it extends out (and then can be pushed back in) from the left-side of the cans. For me, I like the fact that I can store the mic away when I don’t need it, and the light at the end of the boom lets me know the mic is hot. You can easily mute yourself on the headset, and if you do that, the light on the boom cuts off – great visual cue there. You can also control the volume coming with a roller on that left side.

The Edifier Hecate GX Headset has a number of options for connecting as well. You can use a standard USB-A plug to connect it to a laptop or game system (the plug on the headset side is USB-C), a USB-C connector to hook it to a more modern laptop or your phone, or even the standard 3.5mm plug. It is worth noting that if you use the aux cord, you’ll get audio, but the mic will not be enabled. Either the USB options, you’re good to go for the mix. And since it’s a standard connector at the headset, that means you’re free to put whatever cord on there that you want, and it should work just fine.

USB-C or 3.5mm connection options

Speaking of working, that’s where I used the Edifier Hecate GX Headset the most. The large earcups did a decent job isolating exterior noise (though not quite as well as active noise cancellation), and with the mic being so flexible, it’s really a cinch to position it near your mouth to pick up your words and not, say, the noise from your keyboard. Wearing it throughout the day was fairly comfortable, even though it is a larger headset. That said, I wouldn’t have minded another click or two of adjustment in the headband to have perhaps not as snug a fit on the top of my oversized noggin, but I was able to snug things down and let the padding on the headband compress a bit to get the fit where I needed it.

In terms of audio quality, I’ve got no complaints against the Edifier Hecate GX Headset. To be sure, I’m not an audiophile, but I was able to hear my calls and podcasts just fine, and the testing I did recording my own voice via the mic showed no issues with the quality and clarity of my voice getting through (one spot where wired headsets can have the advantage over wireless).

So, who is the Edifier Hecate GX Headset? Obviously, if you’re building out a full RGB setup with your computer, something like this can certainly fit in, and help get even more color going. On the other hand, if you’re like me and just plugging it in to do work and maybe some casual gaming, the color might have you scratching your head. My WFH setup is pretty simple, so I liked having the extra dose of color. And you know what, even when I didn’t have them on, I appreciated having those extra accent lights going next to my keyboard. So, hey, bonus atmospherics and all that. If you want to pick up a pair of these, they’ll run you $89 if you go direct to Edifier. In the US, however, Amazon has a really nice deal (seen here) that has the price at $79.99, plus there’s another coupon for 30% off which drops it to $56. edifier.com / amazon.com

Tech Specs from Edifier

Frequency response:20Hz-40kHz
Driver unit:Φ50mm dynamic unit

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