Earlier this month, we told you about the all-new addition to the Chubbies lineup, their Everywear Pants (you can see that here). As part of that launch, we had a pair sent along (along with a rather comfortable linen shirt to complete the look), and we’re here to tell you what the Chubbies Everywear Pants are like.

One thing that had me a little bit concerned when I was getting the Chubbies Everywear Pants in for review was their sizing. For their stated inseam lengths, all of the pants come in a 30″. Thing is, I normally have a 34″ inseam. Lo and behold, when the size XL pants came in, they fit just about perfectly. This was quite a nice surprise, and it seems they have a flexible return policy, so you’d be able to try them out yourself as well to see the fit.

On the back of the Chubbies Everywear Pants, the waist is elasticized, while around front, you’ve got drawstrings to cinch stuff. For those drawstrings, you’ve got the option to have them exit in front of the button (so you’re tying them like a pair of board shorts), or have them inside the pants for a stealthier look. If you’re using the drawstrings, you’ll probably them in front, so it’s easier to untie when you need to. With them on the inside (which is how they come, and how I left them) then they look like a regular pair of work pants, basically, and you can easily wear a belt to get the fit right (later this week we’ll have a review of the belt we used).

Along with those options for how to hold the Chubbies Everywear Pants at your waist, the pants actually have a very comfortable level of stretch. Whether you’re sitting or moving, these pants move along with you. While they are synthetic (90/10 poly/spandex blend), these are not noisy pants that swish as you walk. In other words, these are great pants to wear to the office on warmer summer days. That’s what I’ve done the last few times I’ve commuted in, and they’ve worked well – I stayed comfortable, and they looked good for the office.

With the rear pockets, you’ve got a standard button enclosure on the right pocket, while the one on the left is zippered – a great way to ensure stuff doesn’t fall out. They’ve actually got a zipper hiding on the hip pockets as well, on the right-hand side. I tended to use that for smaller items, like a chapstick, that I didn’t want rolling out. You could easily put your wallet over there as well. I found that the pockets weren’t particularly deep, but they held my phone and wallet easily enough (stretch helps there as well).

Oh, and as I had mentioned, along with the Chubbies Everywear Pants, we also had their linen Sunday Shirt come in in a creamy off-white. This shirt was perhaps not as technical or “different” as the pants were, but they definitely paired nicely with the pants, and as linen shirts do, kept me cool and comfortable even in the heat. While it looks like they don’t have the plain one on offer any more, they have it in two patterns for $64.50. Perhaps not as office-ready in those patterns, but great for the weekends.

Speaking of the office – many of us are starting to make that transition back to office work, even if it’s for a day or two per week. While we’ve gotten used to our comfortable clothes working from home, that means you’ll need something just as comfortable – but work appropriate – to ease back into that office life. In my book, the Chubbies Everywear Pants are perfect for that transition. Perhaps not what you’ll reach for when temps start dropping, but here in summertime? They’re perfect. If you want to pick up a pair, they’re $94.50 in six colors, with sizing that runs from S – XXL. Check out the collection over at chubbiesshorts.com

By Patrick Kansa

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