Though it’s been a minute, we do like to get into apparel reviews here at Knapsack. Though one of our PR contacts, we became aware of golf-focused clothing brand Chervó, and we were interested in taking a closer look. Not that I’m a golfer, per se (other than Putt Putt), but in their approach to active outdoors gear. We got the Chervó Sparviero pants, and the Chervó Uanted belt, in for review, and have been spending time with them.

So, if you’re not a golfer, why might you be interested in the Chervó Sparviero ($275) pants? Well, for one, they’re made of a three-layer softshell material, so they’re great for colder temps (think of them like your favorite light jacket, but for your legs). I’ve taken them on walks outside, and also just working down in my colder basement. They’ve been great, providing warmth without a whole lot of bulk. And, should you get caught in some freezing rain (or just spill your water), the pants are water repellent, so you stay dry.

Of course, the Chervó Sparviero do have golf-specific things in their design. First, you’ve got a small pocket on the right front that’s to be for holding a tee, and the microfiber lining in the hip pockets is there so you can dry your hands to have a good grip on the club. Given the golfing focus, the pockets are not super deep. They’ll hold a phone, but you load much more than that in there, and it’ll make for an uncomfortably bulky situation. Not an issue, just know what you’re going to be doing with these pants.

Also golf-specific, but great for day-to-day life, is the fact that the Chervó Sparviero have stretch to them. This will allow you to move more freely, whatever your activity happens to be – even if it’s sitting in a desk chair all day. And though the pants are made of a synthetic material, they’re not overly noisy. I mean, sure, you can force them to be noisy, but just moving around naturally, and you’ll not notice it.

In the course of reviewing the Chervó Sparviero, we also had the Chervó Uanted ($66) belt, and it made me realize something – pants that are stretchier really do deserve a belt that has some stretch as well (and this one does). Use a standard leather belt with pants that have some give, and you’re going to get some weird bunching and pulling. A belt with some stretch, though – that’ll move right along with the waist of your pants, keeping a clean look and maintaining comfort.

The larger portion of the Chervó Uanted looks like a two-tone knit belt, and that’s what it is. At the tip, you’ve got the suede entering the picture. This gives us some additional texture, but it also brings some appreciated structure and stability to the part of the belt where you’re latching the buckle in. For that, you’ve got a simple prong that pushes into the hole on the belt. A little different than your standard belt buckle, sure, but it gives you a much slimmer profile right up front, making it less likely to get caught on anything.

So, no, I do not plan to take up the sport of golf, particularly not in the sub-freezing temps that we’re in right now. I do find that the Chervó Sparviero are perfectly capable to handle casual wear around the house, and keeping me comfortable and warm in the cooler temps. And even for outdoors activewear, I think they would come in handy, presenting with a less-casual look than we normally have for outdoors gear. They may not be for everyone, but I can see these (and the Uanted belt) being a staple of my cold weather gear very easily.

Details from Chervó


FW Trousers handcrafted in three-layer sanded thermal Soft Shell, which is water repellent and windproof to keep you protected in cold temps.  Enjoy guaranteed effective thermal insulation, elasticity and comfort to let you enjoy the great wide open.

  • Fabric Code: G91
  • Model is Wearing Size: 50/34
  • Made with 74% Polyamide and 26% Elastane
  • Fabric Technologies: Pro Therm, Soft Shell, Comfort, 2 Way Stretch
  • Inseam: 33.5″
  • Tee pocket on the front and double-stitched back pockets with button
  • Do not use softeners
  • Do not dry clean


Winter belt perfected.  The UANTED stretch suede print leather belt completes any and all looks this FW season.  Work, play, or travel add this stunning accessory to  your already stunning outfit.

  • Fabric Code S45
  • Model is Wearing Size: 42/S
  • Made with 100% Leather
  • Ribbon 78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane
  • Gunmetal, galvanized buckle fastening
  • Made in Italy

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