We here at Knapsack really like our games. Whether it be a video game, a phone game, table-top role playing or the good ol’ “board” game, we like our games. As a result, we all want to get our kids playing as well. Sometimes it’s just waiting until they’re old enough to understand the rules and concepts – and other times, we find cool games purpose-built for them. IT’s that latter category that we find the Magna-Tile Treasure Hunt.

Frankly, when I first ran across the Magna-Tile Treasure Hunt game, I knew this was one that would be a hit in my house. For at least five years now, we’ve had various Magna-Tile sets coming into the house, and our girls have loved building with them (these days, it’s generally houses for princesses and horses). So, a game that builds a “board” from tiles they’re already familiar with? Sounded like an instant-win to me.

And wouldn’t you know it? I was right. Once I had things out of the box, I let the older two read through the rules, and away they went. They played through the variants in the rule book, and did spend some time coming up with their own rules as well. The nice thing here is that the tiles are all the standard Magna-Tile sizes, so you can easily swap in your own tiles, or extend things, to make a new game.

For the parents in the room, the included stickers are actually more like vinyl clings than one-time use stickers. This is a good thing, as they can easily be moved onto different tiles. Or, when they just want to build, you can take the stickers off if you want.

In the end, my younger two really enjoyed Magna-Tile Treasure Hunt. My oldest did play with her sisters, but she felt it was a little too simple for her, and I can see that. With the tiles and basic rules that come, I think this is very much a beginner game, and very much a welcome breath of fresh air from all the “usual” beginner kid games. You can check out the details from Ravensburger, or you can head right over to Target to pick up your own copy for $25.

Product Information from Ravensburger

Magna-Tiles? Treasure Hunt combines the power of play with hands-on learning and creativity! Children collect golden coins in Jungle Treasure, act like a monkey in Island Race, or create their own game by making new rules! Magna-Tiles?: Treasure Hunt is a great first game that grows with your child and encourages fine motor skills, imagination, social development, and more!


3 Orange Tiles, 7 Green Tiles, 10 Gold Coins, 4 Movers, 1 Volcano Sticker, 2 Island Stickers, 3 Treasure Chest Stickers, 2 Sneaky Monkey Stickers, 2 Crocodile Stickers, 1 Die, 1 Instruction Book

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