The AYA NEO Handheld Gaming PC is a wild little device that runs an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with AMD Radeon graphics and features a 1TB SSD, 7-inch H-IPS display, and a 16GB Dual-Channel LPDDR4x @ 4266Mhz memory. The device, which costs a hearty $1,160, comes from Droix, a maker of retro gaming handhelds like the equally compelling RG351V Handheld Retro Gaming Console that looks like a GameBoy on steroids.

The PC runs Windows 10 (and presumably Windows 11) and comes in black and white. As you can see from the video, the thing is actually quite large and surprisingly hefty. Given it contains everything you need to actually play Windows games, it includes a full cooling system and heatsink solution.

The system even has on-board vibrations and you can use the joystick as a mouse, a benefit for folks not into game loaders. Finally, it includes three USB Type-C ports for expansion.

It’s a cool little device and it appears to be sold out for now, but I’ll definitely be whipping out my credit card when it comes back into the store.

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