Following Meta’s announcement a few months back, HTC has just announced the newest addition to it’s HTC Vive lineup of VR headsets.

The Vive XR Elite is not a cheap headset by any stretch of the definition, weighing in at $1,100, or over $700 more than entry level competitors like the Meta Quest 2, but it also doesn’t quite reach the level of the Meta Quest Pro at the staggering price of $1,500. This puts the Vive XR Elite in the awkward position of being at the top end of gaming headsets, but at the lower end of the emerging productivity headset industry.

The XR Elite boasts a 4K display with a 90Hz refresh rate and 110-degree field of view, and comes with two wireless controllers that support hand tracking. The two-hour battery life is definitely a limiting feature, but the Elite has a retractable charging cable built into its right side, meaning you’re never far away from a quick 30 watt charge.

The Vive XR Elite will be launching in late february. For more information, check out Vive’s website.

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