A viral video of a lawyer on a zoom call appeared, showing a judge, opposing counsel, and a lawyer as a cat. “I’m here live, Judge. I’m not a cat,” the lawyer said.

He was absolutely frustrated by the cat filter, and the judge’s attempts to help him remove the filter. “I’m prepared to go forward with it,” the lawyer said, in a way that recalls Larry David / Arrested Development script-writing.

But that’s not important here. What’s important here is, how can we get that cat?

The cat shipped with Dell Inspiron computers, way back in 2007, in a software suite called “Live! Cam Avatar”, for Windows XP and Vista.

There’s our cat, right in the middle

While I’d generally hope that our attorney in question was using a more recent computer, it’s probably likely this was a Dell Inspiron that shipped with Vista. I hope for his sake that he’d upgraded it to Windows 7 at the very least.

The link to download Live! Cam Avatar is still alive. I can’t recommend you install this, but there it is.

A better way of doing this, instead of installing software from 2011, is to try Snap camera, made by the people who make snapchat. It’s in beta, but is surely a little more up to date. Get it from Snap for Mac or Windows.

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