An unnamed hacker has accessed and copied a database containing Verizon’s employee data, including ID numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. The hacker is now seeking $250,000 in exchange for publicly leaking the data.

A Verizon spokesperson contacted Motherboard, stating “A fraudster recently contacted us threatening to release readily available employee directory information in exchange for payment from Verizon. We do not believe the fraudster has any sensitive information and we do not plan to engage with the individual further. As always, we take the security of Verizon data very seriously and we have strong measures in place to protect our people and systems.”

The anonymous hacker reportedly was able to prove the validity of the leak to Motherboard and claims that they accessed the database by social engineering their way into connecting to a Verizon employee’s computer and running a script to download its contents.

Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

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