Yesterday, we talked about an app that would help you get connected into classes for some community-driven sweat sessions. What if, on the other hand, you’ve got some gear and the like at home, and want stare at a big screen and not your phone? That’s where the STUDIO comes in.

Rather than just trying to get you using your freeweights or yoga mat, the STUDIO is intended to hook into the cardio equipment that you’ve got at home. You know, your treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer, to name a few. If those devices have bluetooth? Great, they can probably talk to STUDIO. If not, well, do not despair – they’ve got sensors you can add to your equipment to hook them in. The heart of the STUDIO is a 43-inch vertical screen which aims to be pretty user-friendly:

With an immersive 43 inch vertical screen, users can see and compete against others? workouts while tracking performance in real-time. Navigating is easy; STUDIO can be controlled with iOS or Android smartphones allowing users to interact and adjust their equipment speed or resistance with a simple tap. No mounting or complex installation process is required. Unlike other devices, STUDIO isn?t stationary and doesn?t require being affixed to a wall. Wheels are attached to the bottom of STUDIO making it a breeze to move to any location within the home to best suit a user?s exercise of choice. Have it in front of the treadmill one day or in front of the boxing bag the next.

As you might expect (from other devices we’ve seen the past few months like STUDIO) this is not an inexpensive gadget to bring in to your home. If you’ve got the other equipment already, though, it may be worth it. The STUDIO is available on Indiegogo right now. While the MSRP is expected to be $999 (with a $39/month fee), there are various earlybird levels available, so pricing can start as low as $699 (I saw one left at that tier). This won’t be the solution for everyone, but it is another sign of a burgeoning segment of workout gear, I’d say. The campaign closes out in mid-November, and shipping starts shortly after that. campaign page

By Patrick Kansa

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