Gloomhaven gets a sequel: Frosthaven

Gloomhaven gets a sequel: Frosthaven

One of the the most intense boardgames I’ve ever played, Gloomhave, now has a sequel and it looks equally amazing.

Think of Gloomhaven, a boardgame by Isaac Childres, as D&D without all the dice. The unique gameplays style puts the adventure on more solid rails, ensuring you don’t get bogged down in mechanics. That said, this isn’t an easy game to learn but an amazing game to play.

The new game costs $100 for early birds and includes multiple new character types, new adventures, and a puzzle book. It also includes a new “buildings” mechanic and seasons.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and some game friends, this is the best boardgame you can buy. It even offers solo play for the lonely.

Take my word for it: $100 is a great price for this sprawling game. I recommend checking it out.

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