There is no doubt about it – we here at Knapsack like our keyboards. While John and Victor already knew the joys of a mechanical keyboard, I wasn’t quite sold on it – at least, until I tested ones from Das Keyboard and Vortex. One of these days, something that lights up is on my radar to test drive, which is why this new Corsair K60 RGB PRO caught my eye.

Now, I’ll say – for my usage of writing database code (and these articles), something like the Corsair K60 RGB PRO is quite likely overkill. Not in the fact that it’s housed in an aluminum chassis (durability and stability is good for everyone) or the Cherry Viola keyswitches – mechanical clicky-clacky can work for any scenario. Not even the RGB lighting – why not add some color to your daily routine?

No, where the Corsair K60 RGB PRO gets beyond my use cases are the features aimed at gamers. While you can use their iCUE software to customize the lighting, it’s also leveraged for things like key remapping, custom macros, and ready integration into iCUE-compatible games.

While we’ve focused on the Corsair K60 RGB PRO for this overview, there are other variants in the K60 lineup as well:

  • K60 PRO, which features the same CHERRY VIOLA keyswitches and single-color red LED backlighting
  • K60 RGB PRO SE, which adds a premium magnetic detachable cushioned palm rest and wear-and-shine resistant PBT double-shot keycaps
  • K60 RGB PRO LOW PROFILE, which offers the lower 11.9mm switch height and short actuation performance of CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB SPEED keyswitches.

The Corsair K60 RGB Pro is available now for $89.99, while the other three models will be available later (depending on region) from $79.99 to $99.99. You can get the details on these keyboards – and all the others from Corsair – over at

Tech Specs from Corsair

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