While I do rather enjoy camping in the fall and in the spring (due to the cooler daytime temps) there is one thing that’s always a bit uncertain – and that’s just how variable temperatures can be throughout the day. You may wake up needing a sweatshirt and then head into a point of being in shorts and a t-shirt later in the day. Sea to Summit has some items that can help you navigate those fluctations.

The first thing to address in the morning when camping (well, after a trip to the facilities) is getting that coffee going. For those car camping, that’s no problem, you likely have your favorite mug with you. If you’re backpacking though, trying to keep things lightweight limits you, especially if you want to keep your hands from getting burnt. That is, until the promise of the Sea to Summit X Tumbler. This looks like your standard collapsible cup, but it’s got a trick up its sleeve.

The rippled exterior is more than just decoration – it’s a layer that helps keep your fingers from the hot contents inside, allowing you to get that crucial java down the hatch. Frankly, given the insulation it provides, I might be tempted to try a cold drink in there as well, and see how long it lasts. The Sea to Summit X Tumbler is available in both 12 oz ($12.95) and 16 oz ($14.95) varieties, in both a light teal and dark grey.


Whatever your drink situation, another thing you want to consider is what you’re going to be sleeping in with warmer temps coming on. Sure, that mummy bag rated to 5 above is great for winter (or even camping out in the living room) but come spring and summer, that may be simply too warm. Again, you could have some sort of a thin liner to act as a sheet, but if you’re reducing weight in your pack (and space needed) that’s not the best option. That’s where the Sea to Summit Spark (for him) and Flame (for her) come into play.

Packs down small!

Now, first off – these are not needlessly gendered products. Specifically, the Sea to Summit Flame has a narrower shoulder section (and wider at the hips) as compared to the Spark, additional insulation at the foot and chest, and a reduced height. This adds up to a more customized fit (and warmth) than you might otherwise have from a unisex bag.


Along with those changes, both the Sea to Summit Flame and Spark are super lightweight, pack down small, and offer you a variety of insulations levels, so you can plan for what you’re going to be sleeping in. Temperature ranges are from 5 to 48 F (these tiers are slightly different between the two lines), and there’s even a liner version that can be it’s own summer-weight sleeping bag, as well as be inserted into your heavier bag for an additional layer of insulation. In other words, customizable to what your temperature and gear loadout will allow for. The Sea to Summit Flame and Spark both run $249 – $569, and are both available in standard and long lengths.

While good footwear and tents can make a big difference when you’re in the woods, you’ll definitely want to give some attention to your sleeping bag (and the pad it’s being set on) and whatever sort of container you’re going to be drinking from. Water bottles (or water bladders) are great all day, but sometimes you want something a bit more civilized around the campfire. These options from Sea to Summit seem to hit the right bases, and we’ll be looking into getting in some review samples. seatosummitusa.com

By Patrick Kansa

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