Along with needing to adapt cases for the shapes of new phones, they now need to adapt to the ways that phones can actually charge. MagSafe is a big wrinkle in that, especially as a case – no matter how thin – could impact the ability of the charger to connect to the phone. Gear4 has two new options to help out with that.

For those worried, it’s not just for one model. These new Gear4 cases are available for the iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. AKA, the whole iPhone 12 lineup. While there are two models, they look quite the same to me – the Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap and Rio Snap.

Both cases are made with the D30 material Gear4 likes to use for impact and drop protection (up to 13 feet). The big distinctive here is whether you’d want a clear or a black case. They both allow for 5G signals to get through, and have a ring embedded into the back of the case (plainly visible in the Crystal Palace) to help align the MagSafe connector, as well as for it to stay in place.

Both the Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap and Gear4 Rio Snap are available for $49.99 directly from Gear4, as well as at AT&T.

By Patrick Kansa

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