For road warriors, there are several names that pop to mind when it comes to the trusty bag that carries all of the things they need on the road. One of those brands (at least in my own mind, though I’ve not carried their stuff) is Tumi. Recently, they partnered up with mophie for some co-branded charging devices that will be perfectly at home in your bag, charging things at the remote office or your hotel room.

Well, ok, that’s assuming business travel ever starts back up for you. Still, you can use these things at home, and even on whatever small road trip you might venture out on to get out of the friendly confines of your home. In this case, you’ve actually got a mix of five different accessories that you can choose from:

  • powerstation? hub(SRP $150) ?The compact and convenient powerstation hub (6,000 mAh) is ultra-portable with foldable AC power prongs, making it easy to use and store when you’re on the move. Charge up to four devices simultaneously with two USB-A ports, a USB-C PD port, and Qi wireless charging.
  •  powerstation plus XL (SRP $150) ? This powerstation is truly your best bet for versatility and performance. Containing a 10,000mAh battery, the powerstation plus XL delivers up to 34 hours of additional power to your smartphone and has an integrated switch-tip cable that will charge any device with a Lightning input or a micro USB port.
  • wireless charge pad (SRP $80) ? Power up wirelessly with the convenient wireless charging pad that’s optimized to deliver the fastest speed possible to Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones.
  • powerstation mini (SRP $60) ? Stay connected on the go with the powerstation mini that contains a 5,000mAh battery. Offering up to an additional 18 hours of battery life to your device, this powerstation has a sleek design, can charge multiple devices at once, and is built for smartphones, wearables, and other USB-C and USB-A
  •  Switch-tip cable (SRP $50) ? This high-performance, heavy-duty switch-tip USB-A cable offers Lightning and micro USB connectors. The braided nylon exterior is durable and protects against wear and tear.

It’s quite a mix of things there, and you can certainly adjust to looking for things that have you charging while you’re mostly stationary, or while you’re on the go (those switch-tip cables look pretty interesting, surprising that they don’t have USB-C in there though). Check them all out over at

By Patrick Kansa

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