Ah, I remember (vaguely) commuting downtown on the train, and then seeing folks hop onto bikes and scooters (I fortunately have just a short walk). Thing is, after the pandemic, do you want to take a chance on picking up a bike or scooter from the communal rental stations? If not – and you want to get on your bad motor scooter and ride, then EcoReco might just be of interest.

EcoReco actually had their start a few years back, with a crowd-funded campaign for their first scooter, which itself was an outgrowth of seeing how much they could soup up a kids scooter. While things might be a bit tamer now, their entire scooter lineup can top out at 20 MPH (you can also lock top speed at 12 or 7 MPH, if you like) which seems plenty fast enough for zipping through on the bike lanes (wouldn’t try that speed on sidewalks, no sir).

Not that dissimilar from the trains I ride

They’ve got three different lines, actually, and they’re conveniently labelled. You’ve got the S line (good basic all-arounder), the M line (for a more robust build) and then the L line (for performance, which gives you a 22 MPH top speed and more range). Of course, across all of those, you’ve got some differences in battery technology, suspension (full vs just rear), and wheel size/styles (by default, all styles have solid wheels). You can check out a handy comparison chart of the full lineup right here.

Now, myself, I’ve never been much of a one for scooters, due to my own commute patterns, and the fact that I tend to feel entirely too tall for most and having to bend over a bit to grasp the handlebar. So, I honestly can’t say how these compare to other electric scooters out there. They do seem like a handy way to get around the city if you don’t want to rely on in-city mass transit (or rental bikes/scooters). The EcoReco S5 series starts at $599 (which is a discount at the moment), with the M5 hitting $799 and the L5+ coming in at $999 (financing is, of course, available).

If you’re looking for a form of transport to get around, and your local bike shop is sold out (or you just want something a bit less self-propelled), the EcoReco lineup could be what you are looking for. They’ve even got a decent amount of accessories and such that allow you to customize your ride a bit, and even have (as stock) a gadget mount, so you can record yourself zipping around your city. Check out all the details, and order your own, direct from

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