Donner DED-80 Drum Kit

The Donner DED-80 drum kit is the perfect drum kit for beginners and kids. It’s basically a four head and three cymbal electronic drum kit with multiple sound styles and built-in songs that can connect to your DAW for use as a MIDI device.

I personally had blast testing the Donner DED-80 Drum Kit thing for one simple reason: it’s easy to setup and it’s very portable. To build the thing all you have to do is put together the legs and cross bars and then you can attach the cymbals and drumheads. The little “drum controller” connects to your computer via USB and can output audio to an amp, which isn’t included. The kit also includes headphones for private play.

Donner DED-80 Drum Kit: For Beginners

As I note in my video review, this is a great kit for beginners primarily because it won’t make a lot of noise – the drum pads are basically silent – and there are a number of included apps and tools that can teach you how to drum without driving everyone in the house wild.

This drum set is specially designed for beginners and comes with 180 sounds and 15 drum kits, as well as 30 demo songs covering multiple music styles. It also has a rugged and durable pedal, double-layer mesh high-density structure, and a 10″ cymbal for a precise strike area.

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Pros will notice there isn’t much strike sensitivity in the heads and cymbals. This could frustrate some drummers – you basically can’t make the hits “louder” by smacking the surfaces hard. That said, this $269 system isn’t for professionals but I could see it as an alternative to a drum pad for home music recording.

If you’re a beginner looking for an electronic drum set that will help you improve your playing skills and enjoy every note, the Donner DED-80 electronic drum set is the perfect choice. With its authentic playing feel and skill building essential tools, you’ll be able to become a better drummer faster.

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