One of the more fun things I got involved with in 2020 (and continues on now) is Storytellers on Tour. Through it, I’ve been exposed to some great authors and stories, and have been able to tell you about them. Today, it’s a simple cover reveal – but if you recall the days of bookstores, the cover is more than half the battle.

Today’s book is Stones of Light by Zack Argyle. This is the second book in his series, a follow on to Voice of War, a SPFBO Finalist in 2020 (and a book that we’re working up a review on for you). Here’s what this book is teasing us with:

Chrys is trapped in his own mind.

Laurel has lost her threadlight.

And Alverax may have doomed them all.

What have they done?

Zack Argyle

Do I know who any of these are, or what Threadlight is? Sure don’t! So I’ll be diving into that first book (Voice of War), and then hopefully figure out what the deal is with that green wolf on the cover of Stones of Light. To learn more about the book – and see all the places that Zack Argyle is online – head on over to his website:

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